This ranks the Giclée Art Print
with the more common, traditional graphic techniques
such as etching, serigraphy and stone lithography.

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Our Studio Pigmenta Art Print Lab is Hungary's leading fine art printing studio. We provide personalized support to your fine art and photo printing needs, backed by more, than 30 years of experience. We provide solutions to our customers' needs with an art-loving approach, and state of the art technology. Wether the job is a piece of a fine art edition, or a whole exhibition, we will preserve the originality of your art, and add our knowledge and enthusiasm, to realize the best end-result possible.

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  • Kerekes István fotographer

    Pigmenta finished my photos perfect with professional competence.

  • Maurer Dóra


    Whenever I return to Pigmenta Studio with a new job I feel their friendly atmosphere. I look forward to meet them again. Tamás Szeklencei and his collegues not only do their printing job, but take part in creation and design of the prints working together with me. I can trust their quality which is comparable to the technical level of my previous etching works.

  • László Lehotka photographer artist

    Vác, Hungary

    I heard news about fine-art printing at a presentation organized by The Association of Photographer Artists and Pigmenta. Calling them they immediately offered a solution to my problem. The company is accurate, helpful, excellent in solving problems! Good to come here!

  • Katalin T.

    Biatorbágy, Hungary

    My hobby is digital scrapbooking. With this technique I produce images, photo books and albums as gifts. I met the possibility that photos can be printed on canvas this year first. This piqued my interest. After preparing my pictures I browsed the Internet and found several companies who deal with this. I chose the FotóVá service, because they made the print ready for Christmas, this was the fastest execution and I could choose from several options. It was important for me, for example, that the image edges are not bled to the sides, and they provided a variety of sizes and shapes to be sorted. I`ve got immediate feedback about my order and I have received my canvas much sooner than expected. The picture was beautiful, quality is immaculate, I can only recommend to everyone. I will surely use their service next time.
    PS: my blog has a report about their canvas prints.

  • Zsolt Kovács

    Budapest, Hungary

    I`ve met your advertisement in Digital Foto Magazine. You helped me choose the proper product – just as you have it written. So polite, accomodating service (unfortunately) can`t be found in too many places. You`ve set an example, both on the phone, and in person. I`ve enlarged 24 pieces of my own work, printed on photo paper, and mounted on KAPA board. József Gál showed me around the firm’s infrastructure – wich I can only congratulate to. I am really satisfied with your work. I will bring all my works to you as long as your company exists. I`ve also recommended you on my site.

  • Adrián H.

    Budapest, Hungary

    Pigmenta was recommended in a forum topic for photographers - the subject was the importance of colour calibrated display. I`ve attended the Color Management training, where the mood was perfect, I`ve got the most information possible and all my questions answered, totally satisfying my needs. I`ve never met someone as prepared professionaly, as Tamás. Really, hats off. I`m a frequent visitor to printing houses, and in most cases, they are unprepared for colour management. While, in Pigmenta, there`s no question about their experience. Calibrated displays, appropriate 5000 Kelvin proof-lighting, Kelvin-indicator, so everything needed... I`ve watched the professional attitude with admiration :)

  • Gábor Modla

    Budapest, Hungary

    Their response is always positive, I`ve got a lot of help to all my problems. There is friendly atmosphere, I always receive some nice words from them. They work fast, accurate and excellent in quality.